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RV Waste Water System

Knowing The Basics Saves You Money + Time

The typical RV Waste Water System in Recreational Vehicles consists of one or more sinks, a toilet, a tub and/or shower, two types of waste water holding tanks, plus drains and accessories needed to empty the holding tanks. One holding tank is the Black RV Waste Water Tank and the other is the Grey RV Waste Water Tank.

Understanding the basics of Black and Grey Water RV Holding Tanks, their components, accessories and how they function will save you frustration, money and time.

Plumbing Fixtures

RV Plumbing Fixtures consist of the fixtures and pipes that distribute and collect the water in an RV for storage and eventual disposal into an waste water treatment system.

RV Plumbing Fixtures include: RV Bathtubs, Showers And Surrounds, RV Holding Tanks, RV Sewer Hoses, RV Sewer Hose Supports, RV Sinks and Faucets, RV Toilets.

RV Waste Water Holding Tanks

RV Waste Water Holding Tanks are simply a place to temporarily store RV Waste Water. Most RV's have two Holding Tanks. One is the Grey RV Waste Water Holding Tank and the other is the Black RV Waste Water Holding Tank.

Black RV Waste Water System Tank

Your Black RV Water Holding Tank receives human wastes from the RV Toilet. Human wastes contain friendly bacteria. With time and adequate ventilation, Mother Nature will decompose these wastes and turn them into carbon dioxide and water.

Grey RV Waste Water System Tanks

Many RV's have two Grey RV Water Holding Tanks. The main Grey Water Tank receives all the Wastewater from sinks, showers and bathtubs. If there is a second tank it is usually the Galley Tank. This tank receives Wastewater from the kitchen and bar sinks.

Most Grey Water Wastes contain soaps, greases and food wastes from washing, cleaning and cooking. Because most of these wastes do not contain Natural Bacteria, there is little if any Bacterial Digestion that takes place.

RV Waste Water System Toilet

Most toilets in RV's are the only plumbing fixture connected to the Black Water Holding Tank. Many of today's new RV's have one or more tanks that hold both Black and Grey Waste Water.

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RV Waste Water Holding Tank Odors

Vents need to be properly located and large enough to provide sufficient air flow to allow odors to escape, for bacteria in bacterial digestants to grow and eliminate RV Waste Water Holding Tank Odors.

That is, if you are using Bacterial Digestion Treatment that utilize Mother Nature's Bacterial Digestion Process to do the job of eliminating organic wastes in your RV's Holding Tanks.

RV Waste Water Holding Tank Problems

Most RV Waste Water Holding Tank Problems go unnoticed until odors, clogs or other causes bring them to the RVers attention. Then they need a Bacterial treatment to solve the problem.

RV Waste Water System Maintenance

Understanding how each component works, proper care and regular RV Waste Water System Maintenance will reduce problems and enhance the enjoyment of your RV.

Buy Safe RV Waste Water Treatments

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